When the bitcoin makes some noise.

With the vocation of simplifying the purchase of bitcoins, Keplerk allows users to acquire their cryptocurrency with ease at the nearest tobacco store. The Keplerk app also provides a smart way to manage operations such as buying, selling and transferring funds with ease.

The brand wanted to start quick and big, and recently launched a consistent media campaign across most viewed TV channels in France.
I produced an original sonic identity based on claps, body and stomp sounds full of rythm and movement to help the concept stand out. Here, the relative coldness of the digital world is balanced by a composition that conveys a universal human feel and a deep sense of groove. With this new dedicated audio toolkit, Keplerk can make some noise on TV and other media to get noticed and memorized quickly.

Client: Keplerk
Agency: Self Media
Music: Aurelien Sooukian