The Charismatic Brands Transition documentary.

"Brands can buy fame. Not charisma."

I created an original track for the movie trailer "The Charismatic Brands Transition". This documentary about branding and communication will will be broadcasted on French TV channels in 2020.
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With Cyrille Sardais, Teacher in Montréal / Sylvie Defaillet, Teacher at l'EDHEC / Eric-Jean Garcia Leadership teacher at Science Po Paris / Patrice Duchemin, Sociologist / Jean Wattin-Augouard, Brands historian / Georges Lewi, Branding expert / Thierry Gaillard, CEO of Carambar & Co / Rhyziene Nusse, Communication Director at Clairefontaine, Christophe Duvette, Marketing manager at Ripolin.

Client: Register Agency
Director: Matthieu Delobeau
Music: Aurelien Sooukian